Kim Tannahill has over 14 years experience as skilled Newborn Specialist. She was raised in Idaho and lives in North Carolina. She has worked in New York, California, North Carolina, and many other locations. Kim has a sensitivity to the needs of infants, children, and adults and brings added value to each Newborn Specialist experience she takes on.

Kim strives to create a nurturing, stimulating environment for your infant, additional children, and you during her stay. Her focus is the care of your newborn, but she is aware of other needs and takes great care to accommodate a nurturing environment for everyone.

Kim enjoys educating parents by sharing her knowledge and skill with them so they are comfortable and capable when she leaves. Even after she has left a family, she is willing to be available for phone consultation to assist her families in getting over some of the stress inducing experiences that can happen as a parent so that their experiences with their child(ren) are rewarding and fulfilling.

Her expertise and knowledge will put you at ease as she maintains a log of your baby's patterns, feedings, waking, sleeping, and changing times. She will provide as much or as little counseling and other support services as you request during this special time of your life.

Kim strives to provide all the resources you might need by supplying reading literature, articles, activities, and developmental references. Her love of photography has enabled her to record these early moments of the family in digital format to be enjoyed for years to come by her employers and their families.


"A thousand thank you's for taking such beautiful care of Sam and Zachary.  We are both so grateful that those fateful first two weeks turned into two such fabulous years.  You will be missed... A Lot!!  With Love and Gratitude,"

Marc Cohn and Elizabeth Vargas, New York City, NY


"Kim is indefatigable and does not complain when she needs to work long stretches. She is energetic and a hard worker, and has been flexible when it comes to my demanding, ever-changing schedule. She is a pleasure to have in my home."

Annie Leibovitz, New York City, NY 


"We were impressed with Kim's skills and nurturing spirit that she brought to our home. Kim developed a scheduled routine that included sleeping, feeding, playing, activity time, outside and inside. This routine enabled us, as a team, to establish a well-rounded, happy child. She worked on a 24/7 schedule and only took breaks when our daughter slept. She assisted with our other daughter, laundry, room cleanup, play area maintenance, and helping to keep the kitchen area clean. She brought many healthy food options to our home for the girls and found fun, creative ways to keep the entire process enjoyable for everyone."

Jeff and Michelle Friedman, Lake Worth, FL

"Kim had an immediate calming effect on my baby as well as on me and my entire family. Her cheery nature and levelheaded good judgment, combined with her vast experience with and deep love of children, were exactly what we needed to get my family through a difficult time. She soon earned by confidence in caring for my newborn, as well as dealing with any issues that might come up with my two or four year olds. She was also simply lovely to have around-an enthusiastic and kind hearted addition to our extended family.

Kim and I have remained in contact and she has come back to help me with a variety of childcare and household issues. She loves kids, pets, and people and her commitment and diligence are reflected in all that she does. She is...a real team player. She has always taken special care to make sure that my unique desires and specifications regarding my children are followed to the letter."

Rae Sanchini Tobey, Santa Monica, CA

"Kim is a kind, gentle and confident caregiver whose professionalism and skills are unsurpassed. [Kim] demonstrated considerable expertise in many typical newborn activities such as bathing, soothing, burping, and diaper changing with both compassion, patience, and a very calming demeanor. She is definitely the best "swaddler/burrito wrapper� there is.

As a first time mom, Kim helped guide, comfort, and reassure me through days of breastfeeding demands and "new mommy anxiety.� She was a joy to have in our home."

Carol Bornstein, Beverly Hills, CA

"Kim was indispensable that first week. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and she taught me everything-from how to bathe her to handling bottles, etc. She was also great at helping me with issues I was having regarding engorgement, recovery, etc.

Having her 24 hours/day for the first week, I was able to rest and recover. Kim would sleep with the baby, and bring her in to me at night when she needed to be fed. By the time Kim finished her week, I felt confident to handle things on my own."

Joanne Vuylsteke, Brentwood, CA

"While Kim is obviously incredibly experienced and ultra competent in seemingly any situation involving children, what makes her so special is her constantly high and positive energy, the way she enthusiastically engages with kids regardless of the situation, and creates fun experiences with them in a seemingly effortless and warm way.

Her ideas involving discipline and motivation methods and her application of the same, have consistently inspired and helped me as a parent. My family has greatly benefited from their time with Kim.

I don't think I could recommend anyone I've ever known more highly for any position than I would recommend Kim."

Erik Bork, Studio City, CA


"Kim helped me with my new baby daughter and my 5-year old and was beyond amazing. She was incredibly helpful in so many ways. She let me rest when I needed to, and played with my older daughter when I was resting. During the night, she took care of the baby and only woke me to breastfeed. I developed a severe case of mastitis, and Kim helped me through it, enabling a fast recovery due to her help. Even though I have a small home, Kim was not obtrusive and was a pleasure to have around."

Kim Jaffie, CA


"Kim stayed with us on a 24-hour basis the first two weeks of my son's life. She fed, cleaned, and slept in the same room as our son, but was also very, very helpful to my wife in allowing her to somewhat maintain her busy normal life. Kim has a gentle hand and a beautiful touch and seemed very in tune with our new baby's wants and needs."

Larry Einbund, Santa Monica, CA

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